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In Prlekija hills,
Birds sing throughout the years,
The blackbird is the best,
It welcomes every guest.
When more birds flock to us
At Kos´ they´re merrier with every glass.

Slovenia lies on the southern slopes of the Alps and touches the Mediterranean; consequently, although it may enjoy the benefits of "the best of both worlds," Slovene viticulture is also at the mercy of climatic unpredictabilities from both the north and the south. Consequently, the total annual output of Slovene vineyards may vary as much as 50%. There are extraordinary vintages and absolute failures, with a spectrum of "in-betweens."

Podravje, the largest of Slovenia's winegrowing regions, is divided into seven winegrowing areas: Maribor, Radgona - Kapela, Ljutomer - Ormož, Prekmurje, Haloze, Srednje Slovenske gorice, Šmarje - Virštanj. The wines of the Podravje region are among the most prestigious in Slovenia; the region is particularly famous for its leate harvest and other wines of special quality. Its moderate climate and specific soils are ideal for the production of rich, aromatic white wines.

On the fringe of the Ljutomer - Ormož winegrowing area, with vineyards all around, in Pavlovski Vrh there are also our vineyards extending on the knolls since 1986. In those days there have only been 1200 grapevines and even those just Šipon (Furmint). This was the beginning. Today we grow 5 hectars of vineyards. Different sorts which are recommended or allowed for this region thrive in our vineyards: Šipon, Laški Rizling, Kerner, Chardonnay, Rizvanec, Sivi Pinot, Sauvignon, Rumeni Muškat, Ranina and Modri pinot.

National conditions, willing hands and experiences give us the opportunity to produce excellent high quality wines and also high quality wines with predicate. We are very proud of late vintages, selections and also of dry berry selections (suhi jagodni izbor) which enrich our wine-cellar.
One of the sorts, due which we are well known among wine lovers is kerner. For this reason we are even more proud that the wine of the Wine Queen of Slovenia for the year 2002, Tjaša Koroša, is high quality semi-sweet Kerner, vintage 2000, and that it has matured in our wine-cellar in Pavlovski Vrh. Kerner, the wine of the Wine Queen of Slovenia for the year 2002 is our special trade mark.

Several awards and medals which have honoured our work proove that our wines really are high quality wines. The wines have been assesed in the Ljutomer Society of Viticulturists and Wine Lovers, The International Wine Evaluation in Ljubljana and in the Olimpiad of Slovenian Wines at the Pomurski sejem in Gornja Radgona. Last year we participated for the first time in The International Wine Evaluation in Split in Croatia where our semi-dry šipon, vintage 2002 won the double gold medal which is a tremendous achievement. High importance is placed particularly on this sort, because it is autochthonous and can display excellent quality when the vine in the vineyard and then the wine in the cellar is properly tended.

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